Digitally Control Attenuators up to 40GHz
Below are part of our models, if you cannot find what you need, please contact us directly for custom design
PNFrequencyAttenuation RangeAttenuation StepBits
QDAT5-0.4-2-310.4-2 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-0.4-2-630.4-2 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT6-0.4-10-31.50.4-10 GHz0-31.5 dB0.5 dB6
QDAT6-0.4-10-630.4-10 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT7-0.5-18-63.50.5-18 GHz0-63.5 dB0.5 dB7
QDAT5-0.7-3.7-310.7-3.7 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-1-8-31.51-8 GHz0-31.5 dB0.5 dB6
QDAT6-1-8-631-8 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT5-1-18-311-18 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-1-18-621-18 GHz0-62 dB1 dB6
QDAT5-1-40-311-40 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-1-40-621-40 GHz0-62 dB1 dB6
QDAT6-2-4-31.52-4 GHz0-31.5 dB0.5 dB6
QDAT6-2-4-632-4 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT6-2-6-31.52-6 GHz0-31.5 dB0.5 dB6
QDAT6-2-6-632-6 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT6-2-8-31.52-8 GHz0-31.5 dB0.5 dB6
QDAT6-2-8-632-8 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT5-2-18-312-18 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-2-18-622-18 GHz0-62 dB1 dB6
QDAT5-2-26.5-312-26.5 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-2-26.5-622-26.5 GHz0-62 dB1 dB6
QDAT6-2.4-8-31.52.4-8 GHz0-31.5 dB0.5 dB6
QDAT6-2.4-8-632.4-8 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT6-4-8-31.54-8 GHz0-31.5 dB0.5 dB6
QDAT6-4-8-634-8 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT5-6-18-316-18 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-6-18-626-18 GHz0-62 dB1 dB6
QDAT6-8-12-31.58-12 GHz0-31.5 dB0.5 dB6
QDAT6-8-12-638-12 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT5-8-16-318-16 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT5-12-18-3112-18 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-12-18-6312-18 GHz0-63 dB1 dB6
QDAT5-18-26.5-3118-26.5 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-18-26.5-6218-26.5 GHz0-62 dB1 dB6
QDAT5-26-40-3126-40 GHz0-31 dB1 dB5
QDAT6-26-40-6226-40 GHz0-62 dB1 dB6