About Us

Qualink Microwave was established by experienced engineers in 2010 in Chengdu China, has been focusing on the research, development, production and marketing of various RF and microwave devices, modules and systems.​ Product line includes: Frequency sources, Amplifiers, Digital attenuators, Switches, Phase shifters, Mixers, Limiters, Equalizers, Frequency Multipliers/Dividers, Vector modulators etc. which have been widely applied in the fields of satellite communication, photovision relaying, trunk communication, data and image transmission, radar, remote control, remote sensing, electronic reconnaissance and electronic countermeasures (electronic warfare)

In July, 2019, to better explore overseas market, Qualink Microwave is partially acquired by ZTS Technologies, a RF/Microwave Expert that has been exploring overseas markets for more than 10 years. ZTS Technologies now is one of the owners of Qualink Microwave. Please visit www.zts-tech.com for components: Fixed Attenuators, Terminations, Couplers, Power Dividers, DC Blocks, Coaxial Detectors etc.